Deliberate US-backed Attack on Hospital and Market Leaves 55 Dead and 130+ Injured

Deliberate US-backed Attack on Hospital and Market Leaves 55 Dead and 130+ Injured

Sana’a (GPA) – The Saudi-led coalition committed another heinous crime against civilians today in al-Hodeidah, Yemen. Just yesterday, Yemen’s Defense Ministry declared Yemeni forces would halt all retaliatory maritime attacks in the Red Sea for two weeks to open the door for a political solution to the conflict. The Saudi coalition responded with this attack.

A Saudi-led coalition warplane carried out a deliberate attack on al-Thawra Hospital as well as a fish market killing scores of civilians. 55 people are dead and 130 wounded at the time of writing this. These numbers will possibly increase due to the huge number of wounded people, among them women and children.

This crime is not the first, not the worst, and clearly is not the last of its kind committed by the Saudi-led coalition against the civilians in Yemen and civilian facilities. This crime is an extension of multiple series of crimes which would not continue for more than three years without the impunity from the international community to the Saudi-led coalition countries for their brutal violations against the Yemeni people since March 2015.

The incident locations (markets, farms, hospitals, factors, etc.) and high number of woman and child victims shows that crimes such as this one today are purely civilian nature. Today’s crime, for instance, targeted a hospital and a market using a warplane equipped with the most advanced technology money can buy. The technology in the Saudi coalition warplanes includes cutting-edge visual views for ultimate precision.

Only a psychopath could commit such a crime. A psychopath must be orchestrating the military operations in this war against civilians in Yemen from the beginning of this aggression.

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How many crimes by this coalition (which is backed by the United States, France, U.K., Israel, and many other countries) need to occur before the world will say “enough?” How long will the world continue turning a blind eye to these serious violations of international law which supposedly criminalizes the killing of children and women and the targeting of civilians, especially medical facilities?

In the time that anyone can easily find and follow up with these crimes on the internet — which are well documented — the governments of the western world can sign arms deals and sell all kind of weapons — including internationally banned weapons — to the countries of this coalition with shameful silence towards all these violations caused by the use of these weapons by the coalition.

Moreover, the Saudi-led coalition and their international backers claim that they are only fulfilling the resolutions voted on by members of the United Nations. In other words: they are killing Yemenis on behalf of all nations of the world. Today, we are all eyewitnesses of these horrific crimes against one of the most dignified and proudest nations on earth, Yemen, and in the same time, we are witnesses to the fall of the thick mask of hypocrisy of what the so-called western civilization as the guardian of the Human rights nowadays.

In Yemen, we know that our resistance to this unjustified aggression has a huge sacrifice. But we also know for sure that we will never give up for that means we lose everything and as this belief is embodied in us as free Yemenis. Our land is known historically as the graveyard of invaders.

Abdulsalam al-Dhahebi

Abdulsalam Al-Dhahebi is a Swedish citizen from Yemen. He is a human rights activist in Sheba Rights for Democracy and Human Rights. ( He is following the Yemeni situation and working on promoting the idea of establishing an international commission of inquiry in Yemen.