Sana’a (GPA) – Last week marked the 800th day of US-Saudi aggression against Yemen. Schools, homes, factories, farms and so on have been destroyed. Not one sector of the community is safe.

Looking back on the past 800 days, Yemen’s Observatory News Agency has released a set of statistics detailing just how much damage the US-Saudi coalition has caused. The table below demonstrates the sheer ruthlessness of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen. Sports stadiums, markets, funerals, ports, hospitals. The list is seemingly endless.

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The table below does not take in to account the some 100k people infected with cholera. Nearly 1000 have died from this– very preventable illness– alone.

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Taiz Hotel. Which was targeted and destroyed by the Saudi-coalition just days ago.
Taiz Hotel prior to being destroyed.

Here’s the break down…

Killed 12.574
Children 2,689
Woman 1,942
Man 7943
Wounded 20.820
Children 2541
Woman 2115
Man 16.164
Displaced People 2,500,000
Airports 15
Ports 14
Electrical Stations and Power Generators 162
Water Tanks and Networks 368
Stations and Communication Networks 353
Health Facilities 294
Poultry Farms 221
Destroyed and Damaged Houses 404.485
Mosques 746
Schools and Institutes 775
Tourist Facilities 230
Archaeological Sites 207
Sports Facilities 103
University Facilities 114
Media Facilities 26
Food Stores 676
Food Tankers 528
Governmental Facilities 1,633
Bridges and Roads 1,733
Transportation 2,762
Commercial Facilities 5,769
Agricultural Fields 1784
Popular Markets and Malls 552
Factories 289
Fuel Stations 318
Fuel Tankers 242

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