Washington, D.C. (GPA– Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s former employer Exxon Mobil, is seeking a to bypass US sanctions on Russia via a waiver from the federal government.

The US oil giant Exxon Mobil petitioned the US government for a waiver from the Russia sanctions regime, imposed on Moscow following the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.  This request would need to be reviewed by several departments in the US executive branch, including State, currently led by former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson.

The waiver is to secure a contract between Exxon and the Russian oil company Rosneft concerning exploration in the Black Sea. The agreement was negotiated in 2012, while Tillerson was the Chief Executive Officer at Exxon.

Never missing an opportunity, the mainstream media jumped on this as indisputable evidence of Trump’s alleged continuing collusion with the Kremlin. While we don’t support Trump at this site, we hate the MSM almost equally and, we don’t believe the fanciful Russian spy novel written by Democratic operatives.

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The only problem with the barrage launched by the US media was that their same sources at Exxon who disclosed the request also noted that it is an outstanding request, rolled over from the Obama administration. Obama already granted a similar waiver request for Exxon for drilling projects in the Arctic.

In the spirit of being balanced, the MSM should have explained that the waiver was requested in 2015 and needs to be approved by the end of this year in order for Exxon to hold up their part of the contract. If approval isn’t granted by 2017, Exxon could lose the deal and have their share in the oil exploration picked up by a European company.

The waiver request will need to primarily be reviewed by the Department of Treasury, but Tillerson’s State Department will also weigh in. Tillerson has said he would recuse himself from providing input on the matter.

Image Credit: CC – Prachatal

Unfortunately for Trump, Tillerson and Exxon, the deadline for the waiver is approaching in a rough political climate. With all of the accusations of everyone from the White House and below being Kremlin assets, it currently looks unlikely that Exxon will keep it’s right to the contract with Russia.

Next week we will probably hear from CNN how Trump isn’t “delivering on promises about oil,” or something just as ridiculous. Not that this site is in favor of big oil or starting more wells, but the media needs to be held accountable for the continued Russophobia, red baiting, fear mongering and shallow criticism.

Someone is still going to launch the Black Sea operations with Russia and the US media will be screaming about fanciful complex plot between Moscow and D.C. There are a million reasons to criticize Trump, we shouldn’t have to make new ones up.

The corporate media will obviously never cover any of the White House’s real flaws, considering they’re financed by the same corporations that are represented in Trump’s cabinet. Trump should be criticized but not with fairy tales.


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