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Listen: Geopolitics Alert Editor Jim Carey on The Anti-Media Radio

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Detroit (GPA– Listen to Geopolitics Alert editor Jim Carey’s appearance on January 15ths episode of The Anti-Media Radio.

In the January 15th episode of The Anti-Media Radio, Geopolitics Alert editor Jim Carey calls in to talk to The Anti-Media’s Nick Bernabe about several key events of the past few weeks.

Jim and Nick touch on subjects ranging from the accidental emergency alert received by everyone in Hawaii of an impending nuclear holocaust to the failure of the Western-led global financial system and its impending death. The conversation begins in Hawaii and then moves on to the potential war with North Korea and the role China is playing, not just in the Korean conflict but in the greater world.

Below are some links to read as a primer relating to the topics discussed in the show and a youtube link to listen to the episode

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From Geopolitics Alert: 

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Also by Jim Carey relating to the topic:

Who and What Will AI Serve? US and China Give Very Different Answers