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Despite Liberation, Western Media Still Lies About Situation in Aleppo


Aleppo (GPA)  – The Western media is finally starting to concede that the Syrian army has liberated Aleppo save for a few neighborhoods but still declaring a “slaughter” in the same breath.

Western media has been falling in line with reality on the ground in Syria in the past week, finally admitting that Syria’s armed forces have retaken the majority of eastern Aleppo. Some outlets have even begun admitting that maybe the “moderate rebels” in Aleppo weren’t so moderate after all.

Yet at the same time that these same western outlets are letting some truth slip they’ve also continued to push western fueled lies about the “slaughter” and “massacres” that are allegedly still happening in East Aleppo. This is hard to believe following flawed reports in the west of anywhere from 100,000 to a quarter million civilians being trapped in the eastern half of the city proved to be grossly exaggerated.

Despite being proven liars just last week, the western media has begun reporting on another “10 to 100 thousand” civilians now apparently “seeking refuge” in the few remaining terrorist controlled neighborhoods. The western media says these tens of thousand of civilians are hiding out of “fear of what the Syrian government will do” should they flee to the safety of liberated areas. This seems highly unlikely given the extremely jubilant demeanor of those who have already made it to government held areas seeking safety.

Attribution 2.0 Generic Flickr: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús
Attribution 2.0 Generic Flickr: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

It’s hard to see why the “starving civilians” that the Red Cross is constantly trying to drum up sympathy for would stay in these areas unless they are hostages. Surely the terrorists have told them that if they leave they’ll be subjected to punishment by the Syrian government but it’s doubtful any civilians would believe the groups they’ve defiantly protested and who have been hoarding the humanitarian aid that actually has been delivered to the city.

This media blitz comes after a rapid escalation by the US government to further escalate the war in Syria by adding more weapons and US special forces soldiers to the country in just the last week. Even the United Nations – who was just given a truthful report by members of the Hands Off Syria Coalition last week – is sending out heavy hitters such as Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to now voice concerns “over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians.”

This is all hard to believe seeing as there are no credible sources in “rebel held” areas besides those that the terrorists see fit to put in front of a camera. These areas are off limits to even the most sympathetic western journalists who would be stupid enough to enter. Western media loves to point out “pro-Assad propaganda” yet for some reason is willing to take news from groups of foreign born mujahideen at face value.

The simple fact is that the west knows they have lost the key battle in the Syrian war against their proxies. The imperial machine is falling on its face in the Levant and will continue to do so if the battle for Aleppo is any indication of the type of success we can expect from the Syrian government and their allies in the future.

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