Daesh (ISIS) Fighters Attack a Police Station in Libya

Daesh (ISIS) Fighters Attack a Police Station in Libya

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On 2 June, ISIS fighters attacked a police station in al-Qanan, 10km south-east of Ajdabiya, killing a civilian and injuring another five. No police were injured or killed despite two police cars being set aflame. The casualties were allegedly a family in a car passing by the raid. Later that day ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which was precluded by a supposed fake claim on behalf of the group. A go-pro camera recovered at the scene by the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) 21 Infantry Brigade has shown that the raid involved 8-9 fighters. Despite an official ISIS claim, local sources have suggested that incident was fabricated by police as an “ISIS attack” in an attempt to evade social and tribal responsibility.


On 31 May, an agreement to secure and control Libya’s southern border was signed by Libya, Niger, Sudan, and Chad in the latter’s capital of N’Djamena. The details of how the agreement will be enacted and how this burden will be shared remain unclear.

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