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Clinton Speechwriters Told to Remove References to Palestine from Speech

(GPA) Washington – In one of the latest releases of Podesta emails, the influence of Israel over the Clinton campaign is made frustratingly clear.

In an email from Podesta to Hillary’s personal speechwriter there are clear instructions to remove references to Palestinians and Israeli crimes. The corrections were made one day before the speech was delivered by Clinton at the Saban Forum at the Brookings Institute in December of last year.

The Saban forum is put on yearly by it’s namesake Haim Saban. Saban is a dual citizen of the US and Israel. He’s made his money in producing music, movies and television but is now primarily an investor, financier and ‘philanthropist’ heading up the Saban Capital Group. It’s almost impossible that Hillary didn’t know she’d be declaring her bid for the White House four months after the event so, in a room with Israeli wealth, was willing to say what she needed to count on the investors support when the time came. It’s clear that this move worked for her since the Podesta emails include a message from Saban himself on how Hillary should address Israel in her campaign.

Of course it was obvious the speech was tailored for a pro-Israel audience given the environment but it wasn’t known just how much Podesta had told speechwriter Dan Scherwin to remove.

The final draft of the speech included one reference to Palestine when Clinton said “Israeli children have been killed as have Palestinian children.” Nothing about how those Palestinian children died, nothing about where those Palestinian children died and most assuredly nothing about who killed those Palestinian children because you wouldn’t want to mention how the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been caught on camera a whole host of times committing murder in cold blood.

Clinton also doubled down on the Democrat’s promises that the United States would take no action at the United Nations that would hurt the illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land stating “Everyone has to do their part to create the conditions for progress by taking positive actions that can rebuild trust and by avoiding damaging actions including with respect to settlements and at the same time we should oppose any unilateral action at the United Nations.”

This is obviously the type of rhetoric one would expect from Hillary but it’s even more disgusting when you can see the original speech contained somewhat more respectful talk about the Palestinians and their right to self determination, which Podesta flagged for removal.

Even though the rough draft of the speech was praising ‘Israeli society’ and mourned how Israelis had to ‘live under siege,’ these statements were slightly more balanced out by a paragraph that said “Palestinians have the right to yearn for the freedom to govern themselves, in peace and dignity. For most Americans, it is hard, if not impossible, to imagine living behind checkpoints and roadblocks. Palestinians should be able to achieve their legitimate aspirations.”

By removing such a moderate non-controversial paragraph, it’s obvious that the Clinton camp intends to reverse the incredibly minor slights Obama has made in regards to Israel. Obama being such a fresh politician may have had one benefit; he wasn’t tied to decades of Israeli funding the way Hillary Clinton is. Bill may have gotten tough (as tough as a Democrat can be) on Israel for a few seconds of his presidency while negotiating a temporary peace between Israel and Palestine but it seems like Hillary will have no problem reversing that in favor of political and financial gains.