(GPA) Washington, D.C. – A newly released CIA document shows that high level officials were discussing the possibility of prodding Saddam Hussein to attack Syria in order to reopen a crucial Mediterranean oil pipeline.

The newly released report that was originally commissioned by Ex-CIA official, Graham Fuller showed that the US attempted to encourage the Iraqi government to open a second front during the Iran-Iraq war. The plan was to reopen an Iraqi oil pipeline that had been cut off by Haffez Al-Assad and stop Syria from “infringing on US interests” in Lebanon and the Gulf.

The CIA wanted Saddam to join what they hoped would be a three pronged attack to “sharply escalate the pressures against Assad.” The other two states that the CIA hoped would assist Iraq against Syria, were Israel and Turkey.

At the time Syria was already engaged in a conflict with Lebanon and the CIA argued that– similar to today– with the addition of outside forces like Iraq, the people of Syria could be encouraged to rebel. The CIA hoped the Iraqi military would not only devote up to half of their air power to fighting Syria but that other Arab countries– who also benefit from the pipeline– would encourage them to do so. The report also states that the biggest threat to Israel was no longer Iraq, but a strong Syria.

The CIA had already been playing both sides of the Iran-Iraq war by this time. The report concluded however that in return for Iraqi support in Syria, the US would have to assist more in the fight against Iran. The CIA also considered economic and technological aid options in assisting Iraq modernize as an incentive for their military help.

Attribution 2.0 Generic Flickr: DonkeyHotey

The report may be old but it shows the shady nature of how the US does business in the Middle East hasn’t changed much in 30+ years. It also shows how Syria has long been a target for the imperialists and their bottom lines. Tactics have only shifted out of necessity. Now that there is no opposing power to do business with the US in the region, they have resorted to allying with jihadis. The goals are still the same.


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