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US Labels PIJ Secretary General as Terrorist

By Damir Nazarov Moscow (Contributor) – The U.S. administration labeled the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Secretary-General as “terrorist” and listed his name among “the wanted” on its blacklist of most wanted persons. It was not the first claim about PIJ. The American position biases to Israel and complicit in oppressing Palestinian resistance movement. There are several […]

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Gulf Princes Waste Millions Even With Peninsula in Crisis

Submitted By Damir Nazarov Riyadh (MP) – The news of Qatar’s blockade started regularly popping up along with the events in Syria and Iraq. The imagery of the citizens buying food flew around the world. It became known that Iran, together with Turkey, set up a committee on humanitarian aid to the Arab country of the Gulf. The […]

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Opinion: Resistance and Faith of Galilee

Submitted by Damir Nazarov Reader Submission (GPA) – Galilee is a region of historical importance in the north of Palestine bordering on Lebanon. After Palestine had been occupied, this very region was subject to frequent attacks by Palestinian guerrillas of Fatah and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) from the territory of Lebanon. However, the civil […]