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syria propaganda

Egyptian Police Bust ‘Faked Syria Propaganda’ Ring

(GPA) Cairo – The Egyptian Ministry of Interior (MOI) posted on Facebook that they’ve arrested four men and one woman for allegedly making Syria propaganda videos to be distributed as “footage from Aleppo, Syria.” The suspects were arrested in the city of Port Said, allegedly mid photo shoot with a 12 year old girl. The […]

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China Offers $14m in Arms and $500m in Loans to Philippines

(GPA) Beijing – Just a few weeks after Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to China, the country has offered a substantial aid package. Following Duterte’s October meeting with Chinese premier Xi Jinping, the two countries seem to be confirming their new closeness with a massive aid deal. The aid package which includes a gift of […]

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EU Extends Sanctions on Russia

(GPA) Brussels – This week at an EU summit, top representatives from the European nations voted to extend the sanctions against Russia. Just days after French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly stated that they supported a renewal and extension of sanctions on Russia, the leaders of the EU voted to renew […]

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Breaking: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated

(GPA) Ankara – The Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed this morning in an Ankara museum after a gunman opened fire on several people. The ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot amongst a crowd of people just as he was preparing to deliver a talk on “Russia in the Eyes of Turks.” The attacker was photographed […]

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Afghanistan is What Happens When NATO-Backed ‘Rebels’ Win

This article will be meant to address a failed state propped up by the US as a case study in what happens when western and gulf backed insurgents are actually allowed to win a war against a popular revolutionary and then democratically legitimized coalition government. There are major differences between the conflict in Syria and […]

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turkey buying isis oil

CIA Apologizes for Accusation of Turkey Buying ISIS Oil

(GPA) Ankara – CIA Apologizes for Accusation of Turkey Buying ISIS Oil In what is most likely a move to appease Turkey, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has issued an apology over accusations that the Turkish government was complicit in the smuggling and sale of Islamic State (IS) oil. The apology was issued this week […]

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saudi arabia crisis saudi prince flee to iran saudi arabia executions social media crackdown

Report: Gulf States Funding Extremists in Germany

(GPA) Berlin – Parts of a German intelligence report have been leaked to several media outlets showing the connection between Saudi Arabia and other gulf states and radical Islamist mosques in Europe. The report was compiled by the German BfV, a domestic intelligence agency, under the umbrella of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Segments of […]

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2,300 US Soldiers Headed to Afghanistan This Winter

(GPA) Kabul – In one of his final moves in office, president Obama has committed another 2,300 US troops to Afghanistan to help the government curb the resurgence of the Taliban. After a year of territorial gains by the Taliban in their fight against the weakened Afghani government, the US is sending around 2,300 troops […]

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EU Refuses to Pay for Damage They’ve Caused in Syria

(GPA) Brussels – In several European Union (EU) documents released this week, as well as in statements by EU officials it has been revealed that money won’t be coming from Brussels to rebuild Syria unless a western favored deal is struck. The EU has apparently decided against helping to repair the damage they’re in part […]

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Despite Liberation, Western Media Still Lies About Situation in Aleppo

Aleppo (GPA)  – The Western media is finally starting to concede that the Syrian army has liberated Aleppo save for a few neighborhoods but still declaring a “slaughter” in the same breath. Western media has been falling in line with reality on the ground in Syria in the past week, finally admitting that Syria’s armed […]

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