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Mike pompeo korea DPRK and US war dead

More Good Faith: DPRK and US Start Joint Searches for War Dead

Pyongyang (GPA) – As the talks between the DPRK and US continue, a new effort has been started to locate the remains of US soldiers killed in action during the Korean War. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the latest results of the talks between Washington and Pyongyang on Sunday. This latest round of talks […]

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kim jong un mike pompeo dprk to denuclearize US DPRK

US Feigns Shock That DPRK Expects Concessions for Disarmament

Pyongyang (GPA) – The leadership in the DPRK isn’t being hostile, they’re just waiting for the US to deliver concessions. Over the weekend the US mainstream media issued a series of reports portraying the talks between Washington and Pyongyang as, once again, being on death’s doorstep. With their usual commitment to making sure peace doesn’t break out in […]

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Muharrem Ince Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu CHP turkish elections snap elections turkey

Muharrem Ince Looks to Replace CHP Head to Effectively Fight AKP

Ankara (GPA) – Turkish Presidential candidate Muharrem Ince has vowed to continue his fight with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan if his party’s old guard will let him. With the Turkish election over and Erdogan in office for another five years, it is time for the opposition to get their act together. One man looking to do this […]

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turkish economy lira

Erdogan’s Win and New Powers Means Turkish Economy is His Burden

Ankara (GPA) – President Recep Erdogan has won an election highly focused on the Turkish economy, but can he keep it afloat? One of the main issues of the recent snap election in Turkey was the economy. Previously, the Turkish economy was the second fastest-growing economy worldwide but there are signs of a slow-down coming and with […]

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turkish election

Turkish Election Riddled with Fraud, Intimidation, and Questions

Ankara (GPA) – Another Turkish election has come to an end but, as always, no AKP victory comes without a host of claims of fraud and intimidation. It seems like incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) have another successful Turkish election under their belt. However, like every election they win, this one […]

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turkey election Recep Erdogan Turkey AKP Turkish emergency decrees US pastor Turkey who is recep tayyip erdogan turkey election

Turkey Election: Erdogan Remains President, AKP/MHP Hold Parliament

Ankara (GPA) – The Turkey election results are in and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will remain president but without his parliamentary majority. The Turkey election for both President, as well as all the seats of parliament, took place on Sunday. In what was expected to be a tight election – with some even speculating there would be […]

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tukey election muharrem ince rally izmir turkey

Turkish Election: AKP Opponent Muharrem Ince Holds Rally for 2m [Video]

Izmir (GPA) – Just days before ballots are set to be cast in the Turkish election, it seems incumbent President Recep Erdogan’s opponent Muharrem Ince might stand a chance. Muharrem Ince, the Presidential candidate for the Republican People’s Party (CHP) held a massive rally in the city of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast on Thursday. Although numbers for the […]

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f-35s to be sold to turkey

First US F-35s to be Sold to Turkey Next Week Despite Senate Concerns

Washington (GPA) – Despite efforts by US lawmakers to block the move, the first batch of Lockheed Martin F-35s to be sold to Turkey is expected this week. The ceremony marking the official handover of the F-35s to be sold to Turkey is expected to take place on the twenty-first of this month. Although the fighters will […]

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funding the white helmets

State Department Restarts Funding the White Helmets

Washington (GPA) – After just over a month, the US State Department has returned to their previous policy of funding the White Helmets. Last month it was announced that Washington would freeze funds set aside for the “Syrian Civil Defense” organization, better known as the White Helmets. This was a welcomed development due to the organization’s function […]

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Turkey Election: Erdogan Pledges to Lift State of Emergency After Presumed Victory

Ankara (GPA) – President Recep Erdogan’s latest promise in the lead up to the Turkey election is that he will finally lift the state of emergency in place since July 2016. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again shown that despite some recent turmoil, he still plans on winning the Turkey election on the 24th of this month […]

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