• Trump continues a self-destructive U.S. policy in Syria

    Washington (AMN) – On June 18, 2017, the Trump administration made a grave mistake in downing a Syrian jet south of Tabqah, which follows a string of similar events in the months prior. Faced with the decision of having to vacate Syria and abandon the garrison stationed in al-Tanf near the Jordanian border, staying in al-Tanf despite waning strategic value, or demonstrating a show of force to challenge the Syrians, Russians, and Iranians, the Trump administration predictably chose the latter which will ultimately only benefit ISIS in the long run. The decision to bomb and disrupt the Syrian-aligned forces attacking ISIS on two main fronts—Raqqa and […]

  • tories United Kingdom IrelandBritain’s Gambling Tories Now Risk Irish Peace

    London (SCF) – Like a crazed gambler who bet the house – and lost – Theresa May’s Conservative (Tory) government is now doubling down to risk peace in Ireland so that she might cling on to power. Having lost her party’s overall majority in the House of Parliament in last week’s humiliating British general election, May is having to rely on a rabidly sectarian party from Northern Ireland to cobble together a working government. The so-called Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is being wooed by May to provide its quota of 10 MPs in order to form an ad hoc parliamentary coalition. If a deal is […]

  • NATO’s Military Frontier – and Fake Stories

    Brussels (SCF) – In an examination in the New Yorker of the career and prospects of the US Secretary of Defence, General James Mattis, Dexter Filkins, a highly respected Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, noted President Trump’s attitude to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and its military posture, and wrote that «along NATO’s eastern frontier the Russian military maintain[s] tens of thousands of troops, many of them on high alert». Merriam-Webster defines «frontier» as «a border between two countries» and it is therefore difficult to understand how 29 countries (as of June 5, when Montenegro formally joined) of the US-NATO military alliance can have a frontier with one country. There are only […]

  • Mohammed bin Salman saudi arabia United States USIs Qatar a Sacrifice to Build a Sloppy Link Between Iran and ‘Terrorism’?

    Tehran (GPA) – Are the western powers and the gulf monarchies looking to sacrifice Qatar to construct a fictitious connection between salafi jihadist organizations and Iran? While everyone is rightfully paying close attention to the current diplomatic fallout between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE on one side against an isolated Qatar on the other, there are some major questions raised by these events. The primary question being, why are the Saudis throwing their partners in exporting Wahhabism under the bus? There are a few theories behind the sudden and unexpected isolation of Qatar, […]

  • red crossAmerican Spy Arrested by ‘Houthis’ Worked Undercover Via NGO Agencies

    Sana’a (GPA) – In 2015 after resistance forces took control of Yemen’s capital city, an American Red Cross ‘aid’ worker was arrested on suspicion of being a U.S. spy. His story exposes the key role so-called Non Governmental Organizations play providing logistical and military support for imperialist powers and possible takfiri groups. In 2015, Florida-born Scott Darden worked in Yemen for a New Orleans-based logistics company called Transoceanic Developments. Transoceanic’s website describes their work as delivering “key cargo to the most difficult areas of the globe” in areas like Somalia, Libya, and of course Yemen. The company works with NGO agencies, […]

  • yemen houthisConfused About What’s Happening in Yemen? Read This…

    Sana’a (GPA) – Confused about the war in Yemen? You aren’t alone. Mainstream media purposely ignores the catastrophe taking place in Yemen and doesn’t want to general public to know what’s really happening. The little coverage we do see is of course very limited and very bias. In this piece, Geopolitics Alert will break down the conflict in Yemen and attempt to remove the western propaganda to give you a clear picture of what’s happening. Saudi Arabian Control Over Yemen Yemen is the only republic on the Arabian Peninsula. Which Saudi Arabia has vehemently opposed since Yemen’s revolution in 1962 […]

  • united states new york 9 11Shifting the Blame: How US Made Iran Responsible for 9/11

    New York (SCF) – The official U.S. government line is that Iran is the main country responsible for the 9/11 attacks in America. On 9 March 2016, a U.S. civil court ruled that Iran must pay to some victims of the 9/11 attacks $10.5 billion in fines, and the Obama Administration had no comment, so the U.S. press ignored the verdict almost totally. But this verdict was the only official U.S. court ruling thus far about state-sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks, 16 years after the event. It was therefore huge news on 9 March 2016 — it created a precedent, for the U.S. government to […]

  • kurds YPGSyria, the Kurds, and U.S. Divide-and-Conquer

    Damascus (WW) – For the past six years, the United States, Israel, NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council have waged an unrelenting proxy war against the sovereign, secular state of Syria. The U.S.-funded Free Syrian Army, called “moderate rebels” in the corporate-owned media, fights openly alongside forces backed by U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey. These forces, really mercenaries or contras, which include the Islamic State, Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaida in Syria), Jaysh al-Islam and others, are largely constituted of foreign fighters. There is one front in this proxy war, however, that should be included in an anti-imperialist analyses. It’s the […]

  • venezuelaEXCLUSIVE: Breaking Down The Economic War on Venezuela [Photos]

    Caracas (GPA) – There is a lot of negative press lately in the US concerning Venezuela and the country’s current financial crisis. We here at Geopolitics Alert have also noticed that within the alternative media audience there is a willingness to believe some of these stories despite the usual attitude of distrust of the mainstream media. This article is intended to clear up some of the common lies spread in the US media and shed some light on the real causes of the current turmoil in Venezuela. Venezuela has been in the cross-hairs of the United States for years now since the election […]

  • south korea united states us united nations unWhat South Korea’s Election Means for Trump’s Asia Policy

    Seoul (GPA) – With the election of Moon Jae-In from the liberal opposition in South Korea, a major hindrance on US power projection in Asia may come from Seoul. As Trump has continued escalating tensions in Southeast Asia, it was almost impossible that the issue of cooperation between the US and South Korea wouldn’t become a major question in the latter country’s recent election. After all, this is the country most likely to pay the highest price for a US misstep in the region. Between the Trump’s regimes’ recent actions concerning a misplaced “armada,” the deployment of an unpopular missile […]

  • Yemen Suffers, US Profits: Here’s What’s Happening in Yemen

    Sana’a (GPA) – Most outlets do not cover the war in Yemen and the few that do cover it do a pretty bad job. So let’s peel away the western propaganda. Here’s what’s happening in Yemen. Why it’s happening. And why the United States is so invested in this war. For over 2 years, Saudi Arabia has been doing just about everything they can to squash a revolution taking place in Yemen. This means everything from indiscriminate air strikes to putting foreign troops on the ground to spreading disinformation and propaganda. So who are these revolutionary forces? Well, if you […]

  • A History of the 67 Year Build Up of Trump’s ‘Korean War’

    Pyongyang (GPA) – There are rumors that when President-elect Donald Trump first met with then president Barack Obama, Trump was allegedly warned that there would be one major geopolitical hot spot that was likely to become a Gordian knot for the incoming regime. This eternal puzzle for the US global empire is of course the Democratic People’s’ Republic of Korea (or DPRK), the state with one of the strongest records of absolute rejection and resistance to western capital and subversion. Before we discuss the bombardment of propaganda that always accompanies US blustering on the DPRK, or how the nation has resisted submission to […]

  • Why Trump Can’t Just Bomb His Korea Problem Away

    Seoul (GPA) – Tomorrow is the moment of Truth for one of President Donald Trump’s biggest foreign policy bluffs so far. The question is, would he really go through with his threats on North Korea given the likely cost? A lot of commentators are speculating that Trump is preparing to bomb North Korea if they test a nuclear weapon tomorrow, for the birthday of Kim Il Sung. While it is probable that Pyongyang will test another weapon tomorrow – since a threat has never stopped them before – the world is wondering whether Trump will respond as promised. There are […]

  • eliminate al-qaedaWho Are The Saudi-Backed Fighters in Yemen? Mostly Foreigners

    Sana’a (GPA) –  We hear a lot about the “Saudi-led coalition” and Saudi-backed fighters in Yemen, but who are they? And what role are they playing? Saudi Arabia has been trying to squash a revolutionary uprising in the Arabian Peninsula since 2011. Thanks to Wikileaks, we know that the US government started preparing for such an event in 2009 by arming and training portions of the Yemeni army. But that’s another story for another time. Ansarullah aka the Houthis and allies (which includes portions of the Yemeni military, the Republican Guard, and other tribal groups) have been defending their country […]

  • Debunking the ‘Proof’ of Assad’s Chemical Weapons

    Damascus (GPA) – Obviously all everyone has been talking about this past week is the allegation made primarily by the Western media that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used the lethal chemical weapon, Sarin, on civilians in Idlib province and the retaliatory US missile strike on a Syrian military airbase that followed. Now we’re sure our readers know the Mainstream Media habitually lies and tows the same line as the Pentagon, mainly due to their defense contractor sponsors and shareholders. Yet we also know that there have been a lot of people cheering for Trump “acting presidential” and “finally doing what Obama wouldn’t.” Even liberals, […]

  • US Imperialism is to Blame for al-Qaeda in Yemen– Not the Houthi Uprising

    Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen is a country that’s typically ignored by the mainstream media.  Especially the hows and whys of al-Qaeda in Yemen and what the war in Yemen means for US imperialism. Like most countries in the middle east, western involvement in Yemen dates back many decades. Shortly after British occupation ended in 1967, South Yemen became a socialist state with strong ties to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and radical Palestinians. North and South Yemen unified in 1990 shortly before the Soviet Union officially dissolved. This unified Yemen has seen some degree of conflict and corruption ever since. US […]

  • Is the US Using the Russia Threat in Libya to Bolster NATO Spending?

    Sidi Barrani, Egypt (GPA) Western outlets claim Russia has just deployed troops to Egypt along the Libyan border in order to assist general Khalifa Haftar. Russia and Egypt say this claim is baseless and simply untrue. So who’s lying and why? Russian Forces in Egypt? An “exclusive” article from Reuters reports that 22 Russian special forces arrived in Sidi Barrani, Egypt this week. This intelligence information comes from anonymous sources including US officials and Egyptian security forces. The article conveniently mentions that Sidi Barrani is roughly 60 miles from the Libyan border and explains that the Russian forces have probably arrived […]

  • Op-Ed: Why the Trump-Putin ‘Bromance’ is a Farce

    United States (GPA) – As Jeff Sessions becomes the latest victim of the establishment witch hunt for Russian influence, the one question nobody seems to be asking is ‘what exactly has Trump done for Putin?’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest victim of the neo-Mcarthyism sweeping through Washington. The accusations leveled against him are that he lied during his confirmation hearing about having contact with Russian officials before Trump actually assumed the White House. Unlike Michael Flynn, Sessions can’t be accused of his conversations being illegal since he was a sitting senator prior to becoming the nation’s top prosecutor. […]

  • Trump Strategy for Improving Russian Relations? Be Harder on Them

    Washington (GPA) – While the mainstream media perpetuates the frenzied myth of Donald Trump being a puppet of the Kremlin, Trump himself says previous administrations were ‘too soft’ on Russia. Following the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for communicating with the Russian ambassador to the US prior to Trump’s inauguration, it now seems the White House is taking a tougher stance on Russia. This began just hours after the news about Flynn broke with statements from Trump spokespeople that Russia will be expected to ‘give back’ the annexed Crimean peninsula. The US media has spent every minute since […]

  • Turkey Fights With and Against Everyone in Syria

    Ankara (GPA) – The last few days have seen both renewed commitments between Turkey and their allies to fight terrorism in Syria and Turkish troops and rebels clashing with the same forces they should be working with. It’s been a busy week for Turkish President Recep Erdogan. In the past few days, the Turkish leader has both reconfirmed his commitments to fighting terror with key allies like Russia and the US and has also had his troops hit accidentally by Russian bombs and move closer to coming up against the Syrian army. Commitments to Fighting Terror Erdogan took two major […]

  • russian hackingKey Takeaways From the Senate Hearing on ‘Russian Hacking’

    (GPA) Washington D.C. – Today the Senate Armed Services Committee hosted hearings on the accusations of Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election. While no concrete conclusions were reached, a lot of accusations were thrown around. Most noticeable from this morning’s hearings the major differences between president-elect Donald Trump and other members of the Republican Party when it comes to the bipartisan consensus on the ‘threats posed by Russia.’ The two most outspoken critics of Russia in the hearing were the notorious Russophobes and war hawks, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. McCain started the hearing by saying that every […]

  • The Media Doesn’t Cover Yemen Because They Can’t Shift the Blame

    I don’t want to spend too much time elaborating on Yemen’s back story and all the nuances of this conflict. In this article, I chose to focus on the current state of things, how western media has utterly failed to cover the crisis in Yemen properly, and the direct role of the United States. Yemen was a poor country prior to the current conflict and now Yemen is starving. The people of Yemen are hard pressed to find food, clean drinking water or medical care. Many people– especially children– are dying everyday from malnutrition or preventable illnesses like cholera. The photos […]

  • Afghanistan is What Happens When NATO-Backed ‘Rebels’ Win

    This article will be meant to address a failed state propped up by the US as a case study in what happens when western and gulf backed insurgents are actually allowed to win a war against a popular revolutionary and then democratically legitimized coalition government. There are major differences between the conflict in Syria and the initial conflict in Afghanistan but there are still plenty of similarities that can be drawn on when comparing the effect US backed Mujahideen have on these countries. Unlike Syria, the radical Islamists backed in Afghanistan won their civil war and managed to overthrow a […]

  • U.S. Halts Saudi Arms Sale But Boasts Massive Sales to Other Gulf Allies

    (GPA) Riyadh – The United States has announced they will be canceling– or at least holding off– on an expected arms sale to Saudi Arabia due to the high number of civilian casualties in Yemen. However, military aid in other areas will continue flowing to Riyadh. Other Gulf allies complicit in the Saudi-led coalition will continue to receive military aid as well. On December 8th, the U.S. Defense Department announced five major upcoming weapon deals including sales to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. If completed, the deals were expected to total a whopping $7.9 billion. These […]

  • BBC Just Used the Islamic State’s Website as a Source. But Why?

    (GPA) al-Qaim, Iraq – Jets carrying out air strikes missed an Islamic State target and instead hit residential buildings. Dozens of people including women and children are assumed to have been killed. Witnesses believe the strike was aiming for a Mosque frequently used by IS as a headquarters, but missed and instead hit residential buildings. It is likely that the strike came from the Iraqi Air Force (who are supported by the United States coalition). But it cannot yet be confirmed who is responsible. What is interesting though is that BBC used the Islamic State’s news agency– Amaq– as a legitimate first-hand source. […]

  • Wikileaks Confirms U.S. Directly Provided Training & Weapons in Yemen

    (GPA) The Yemen Files – Wikileaks has released over 500 documents concerning the United States’ involvement in Yemen’s civil war including over 200 PDF files and 300 emails from State Department officials dating back to 2009 with training plans and weapons shipments intensifying in 2013 leading up to the current conflict. This new release proves that the United States didn’t take an indirect approach to the conflict in Yemen by simply selling arms to Saudi Arabia and turning a blind eye, but rather used Saudi Arabia as a third party arms dealer to peddle arms into Yemen; and much more. A […]

  • the white helmetsThe White Helmets: How Western-Funded Terrorists Won an Oscar

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States had to get a little more creative to help justify and rally public support for its foreign interventions. Terrorism as a chronic threat helps improve public approval for military defense spending, but expensive foreign wars are rarely popular among civilians. One theme we see pop-up anytime the United States attempts to justify a regime change or military intervention is the ambiguous “humanitarian concern” We see it every time: Iraq, Libya, and most recently Syria. The United States finds anti-Assad propaganda useful for a few reasons. First, it helps convince the American public that Assad […]

  • CIA Uses Algorithm to Predict Social Unrest 5 Days Before it Happens

    By overlapping history, open-source mass data collection, and classified data, the CIA is able to predict “social unrest” 3 to 5 days out. This helps give Washington the leverage it needs to quickly intervene in international conflicts in the most advantageous way possible. The resulting information could then be used as leverage in many ways: investors could be tipped-off to pull out of an unstable country, troops could be sent to protect US resources such as nuclear facilities, weapons could be easily sold to a government on the verge of social unrest. The information itself could be traded with other […]

  • An ISIS Stronghold in Afghanistan Could Destabilize Iran and Pakistan

    Russia and Iran have warned the UN that ISIS influence is growing in Afghanistan. An ISIS stronghold in the country could put Pakistan, India, Iran, and central Asian countries at risk for growing ISIS influence. Iran’s permanent ambassador to the UN, Gholam-Ali Khoshroo, warned on Wednesday that as ISIS presence grows in Afghanistan more effort must be put into stabilizing the Afghan government to combat this issue. “The onus is on the international community to help the Afghan government with its fight against terrorism and extremism as well as the security, political and economic challenges it is grappling with,” he said. As […]

  • Creative Common 2.0 generic flickr author:gnuckxIsraeli Occupation is Cutting Palestine’s GDP in Half. Will the World Care Now?

    The UN released a report on Monday stating Palestinian territory could “easily produce” twice the GDP it’s currently producing if Israeli occupation were to end. Unsurprisingly, unemployment and poverty would drastically be reduced as well. Here’s a summary of the studies the UN and why they matter. Natural Resources & Trade Even in non-occupied territories, Palestinians do not have access to their own ground water supply and are restricted from digging wells. Israel confiscates a whopping 82% of the Palestinian water supply and Palestinians are forced to buy back their own water by importing it from Israel. Israeli settlements are a […]

  • Author: :Voice of America; use of image is not an endorsement Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 UnportedWhat’s Next for the Former Jabhat al-Nusra?

    At the end of July, Jabhat al-Nusra announced they would be officially cutting ties with al-Qaeda– a decision that had been debated within al-Nusra for about a year– now calling themselves Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. A more “moderate” rebranding  certainly appears advantageous for the group from many angles. Desire to Avoid US and Russian Airstrikes As an al-Qaeda affiliate and terror organization, al-Nusra was the only opposition group (besides ISIS) specifically targeted by both US and Russian airstrikes. We aren’t likely to see a change from Russia’s side– as the former al-Nusra is still in opposition to the Assad government. And […]

  • “A Far More Strategic Opportunity Than a Strike on Iran?” Leak Reveals Golan Heights as Bargaining Chip

    In an email from Wikileaks with the subject “an interesting proposal from Bruce Riedel re how Israel could help get Assad out of office,” Hillary Clinton and her advisers bounce around strategies for how Israel can help get Assad out of office and eliminate Hezbollah in one “fell-swoop” using the Golan Heights as a bargaining chip; referring back to an original plan from 2000.  “If Israel is willing to think outside the box, it can deal Bashar al-Assad, Iran, and Hizbullah a body blow without firing a shot,” Bruce Riedel opened with in an email from 2012. The email describes […]

  • Democrats Stage Sit-In in Attempt to Implement Modern-Day Blacklist

    Prohibiting individuals on a terrorist watch list from purchasing fire arms might seem like a no-brainer. But what would implementing such legislation mean for civil rights and personal privacy? Would it even do much to combat domestic terrorism when an already corrupt government has the authority to determine what qualifies an individual to be put on said list? This week after outrage over the Orlando shooting, many Americans once again demanded Congress do something to stop weapons from falling into the wrong hands. The Democrats were happy to oblige. Did they protest selling weapons to Saudi Arabia or Israel? Did […]