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Al Quds Protests from Around the US and the World

Detroit (GPA) – Last week following a decision by the Trump regime to move the US embassy in Israel to Al Quds, protests broke out around the world.

Last week, the Muslim world (and the world as a whole) was shocked when US President Donald Trump declared the city known as “Jerusalem” as the capital of the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

This move was condemned by the United States’ allies and adversaries alike. While many US commentators lamented at the fact that the “US would no longer be seen as a neutral party in peace talks,” everyone who lives in reality just saw the Trump decision as the latest logical step in the ongoing colonization of Palestine.

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As supporters of Palestinian resistance, the editors of Geopolitics Alert attended our local action in solidarity with Al Quds. Below is a collection of our photos from a demonstration in our city Detroit, as well as contributions by our friends in other US activist organizations as well as some photos from abroad :

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, MI Image: Geopolitics Alert
Image: Geopolitics Alert
Image: Geopolitics Alert

Jacksonville, Florida

Image: Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network (JPSN)
Image: JPSN
Image: JPSN

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Tampa, Florida

Image: Students for Justice in Palestine, University of South Florida (SJP @ USF)
Image: SJP @ USF

San Francisco, California

Image: Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)
Image: AROC
Image: AROC

Istanbul, Turkey

palestine is not alone jerusalem al quds istanbul turkey
Image: Suraj Sharma/MEE
Image: Suraj Sharma/MEE

More to be added soon.