Caracas, Venezuela (teleSUR) The survey asked participants whether they believe the Democratic Unity Roundtable lives up to its goals and commitments.

Venezuelan polling organization Meganalisis released a new survey Friday revealing that 74.3 percent of Venezuelans don’t trust the country’s right-wing opposition.

The survey, conducted in February, asked participants whether they believe the Democratic Unity Roundtable, MUD, lives up to its goals and commitments. The survey also revealed that 73.8 percent of the country’s population considers ongoing dialogue between the socialist government and the opposition as a bad idea.

“Dialogue is obviously an important issue here, but there are also the expectations that were generated a year ago,” political scientist Jose Vicente Carrasquero said about the survey, El Nuevo Heraldo reports. Carrasquero referenced the promises made by the MUD-controlled National Assembly to reverse socialist legislation.

“From the National Assembly a series of expectations were created that unfortunately were not fulfilled.”

Since winning a supermajority in the National Assembly during Venezuela’s 2015 parliamentary elections, right-wing opposition lawmakers have been scrambling to preserve legitimacy. Not only is there ideological infighting between the MUD’s centrist Popular Will and right-wing Justice First parties. But the opposition lawmakers have also been accused of filibustering and blocking progressive legislation proposed by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Last May, for example, the National Assembly rejected a “state of emergency” decree presented by President Nicolas Maduro that sought greater discretion to use funds to address the severe shortages and drought that Venezuela faces. The decree also aimed to boost domestic production, strengthen the new system of food distribution directly to people’s homes and to strengthen the social programs or “missions.”

And last January, the National Assembly was penalized by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice for not paying the salaries of over 4,000 full-time workers and part-time contractors for months.

“The Chamber warned the National Assembly has in recent months been creating situations of contempt, and breaches of the constitutional order that have affected… the protection of fundamental rights of its workers,” the Supreme Tribunal of Justice said in a statement.

For Maduro, and apparently for a majority of Venezuelans, the right-wing opposition has demonstrated more of a willingness to create anarchy instead of order and stability.

“The National Assembly of Venezuela lost its political force,” Maduro said last year. “It’s a matter of time for it to disappear, I believe so. It is disconnected from national interests.”

This post originally ran on teleSUR.

Image: Flickr – Daniel Guarache


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