Day: April 24, 2018

the iran deal

US Paving Way for Conflicts by Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia: Iran’s Top General

Tehran (TNA) – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri deplored Washington’s major role in causing conflicts in the Middle East and said the US is providing the grounds for more wars by supplying weapons to the Saudi regime. “By deploying military units to various parts (of the world) […]

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turkey arrests report US state department

Turkey Violates Laws Prohibiting Arbitrary Arrest, Detention: US State Department

Ankara (SCFF) – The Turkish government has not always observed the requirements of the law that prohibit arbitrary arrest and detention and provide for the right of any person to challenge the lawfulness of arrest or detention in court, said a report released by the US State Department. The State Department released its 64-page Turkey 2017 Human Rights Report on Friday, according […]

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Nicaragua: Next in Line for Regime Change?

Managua (TLS) – The pattern is similar to events in Libya, Syria, and Venezuela, where extreme right-wing political minorities conspired with foreign elites to overthrow the national status quo. Events in Nicaragua over the past week are clearly modeled on the kind of U.S.-led, NATO-driven regime change that succeeded in Libya, Ivory Coast, and Ukraine but has so far […]

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algerian al-qaeda algeria

Alegerian al-Qaeda in the Sehal Offered Immunity in ‘Secret French-Backed Deal’

Algiers (MEE) – Al-Qaeda and other militants in Sahel region will gain immunity if they surrender in a deal between Algiers, Bamako, and Paris, sources tell MEE. France, Algeria and Mali are operating a secret agreement to offer Sahel militants immunity in return for them laying down arms, security sources in Algeria have told Middle East Eye. […]

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