Day: February 8, 2018

israeli forces kill ahmed jarrar

Israeli Occupying Forces Kill Ahmed Jarrar in Extrajudicial Execution

Jenin, West Bank (GPA) – Israeli Occupying Forces killed Ahmed Jarrar Tuesday early morning in the village of al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, after a nearly one-month manhunt following a shooting that killed a settler in a nearby West Bank village on January 6. Jarrar, 22, was the head of a resistance cell responsible for last […]

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puerto rico aid

Puerto Rico Aid Supplies Infested by Rats : Report

San Juan (TeleSUR) – Some of the aid supplies meant for Puerto Rico never made it to the island because of a rat infestation at the Florida office of Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, PRFFA, where they were stored. PRFFA’s office in Kissimmee, Florida, contained boxes of supplies to be sent to the island but since it did […]

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israeli police indicting netanyahu israeli elections EU netanyahu

Israeli Police to Recommend Indicting Netanyahu: Reports

Tel Aviv (MEE) – Israel’s police chiefs will recommend indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli media reported. According to the Times of Israel and Ynet news, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich and other police chiefs “are in unanimous agreement that there is sufficient evidence to indict Netanyahu for bribe-taking in Case 1,000 or the so-called ‘gifts affair’.” Netanyahu is […]

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