Day: November 9, 2017

leave lebanon immediately

Saudis and Kuwait Call on All Citizens to Leave Lebanon Immediately

Beirut (GPA) – The Saudi government has asked all of their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately causing concern that a war is imminent. The latest development in the Saudi debacle has come in the form of an announcement by the kingdom’s Foreign Ministry through the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). According to the statement, an “official […]

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saudi arabia crisis saudi prince flee to iran saudi arabia executions social media crackdown

Did a Saudi Prince Flee to Iran?

Tehran (GPA) – Two days ago, rumors began to circulate that one of King Fahd’s grandchildren may have escaped to Iran. Following the initially-denied mysterious death of Saudi Prince, and youngest son of former King Fahd, Abdulaziz, several media outlets reported that once Saudi Royal may have seen this as a sign to flee the […]

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NYT Laments ‘Forever Wars’ Its Editorials Helped Create

New York (FAIR) – Corporate media have a long history of lamenting wars they themselves helped sell the American public, but it’s rare so many wars and so much hypocrisy are distilled into one editorial. On Monday, the New York Times (10/22/17) lamented the expansion of America’s “forever wars” overseas, without once noting that every war mentioned is one the […]

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syria us-led coalition syrian war

Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi Units Liberate Final ISIS Held Town in Syria

London (Duran) – ISIS has been effectively destroyed as a fighting force in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is now officially destroyed as fighting force in both Syria and Iraq. While small pockets of ISIS terrorists and lone-wolf attackers are still roving in both countries, as a battle capable force, ISIS is now effectively dead and along with it, […]

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