Day: October 23, 2017

us contingent in syria Saudi special forces patrol Aden in Yemen's south 2015

What Does a UAE-backed Independence Referendum in Yemen Mean?

Aden (GPA) – With global momentum building from separatist referendums in Spain and Iraq, southern leaders in Yemen eye their own independence referendum. But is this movement worthy of support? What does southern secession mean for the war against Yemen led by the Saudi coalition? Southern secession in Yemen is not a new concept. Formerly […]

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US relations

Additional Sanctions against Iran to Isolate US Economically: American Prof.

Washington D.C. (TNA) – A senior professor of anthropology at the University of Minnesota warned against the consequences of Washington’s additional sanctions against Tehran and its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying the US would become “economically isolated” in that case. “If the United States does impose additional sanctions, another effect will be that […]

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egyptian security forces

Ambiguous “Militants” Ambush and Kill Dozens of Egyptian Security Forces

Cairo (GPA) – A raid on a militant hideout backfired on Friday when Egyptian security forces in Giza found themselves on the wrong end of an ambush. Militants killed 54 police in what appears to be a very coordinated attack. Evidence suggests the militants may have purposely fed intelligence to counterterrorism officers to lure Egyptian […]

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Duterte Declares Marawi Liberated from Terrorists

Manilla (TeleSUR) – Filippino President Rodrigo Duterte, during a visit, declared that Marawi City was “liberated.” The head of state was making his seventh trip to the city when he stated that the region was now free from ISIS-affiliated groups. “Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare Marawi City liberated from the terrorist influence that marks the beginning of […]

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Israel Promises to Step Up Strikes in Syria

Tel Aviv (GPA) – Israel has promised to intensify their strikes on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) following a week of rocket strikes that Tel Aviv blames on Damascus. This Saturday, several rockets fell in the Israeli occupied area of the Golan Heights. While this “attack” caused no injuries and damaged no property, the Israeli military still […]

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