Day: August 27, 2017

Op-ed: The Beliefs Shared by Zionism and the Alt-Right

Tel Aviv (GPA) – In the wake of a recent interview with Alt-Right “intellectual” Richard Spencer on Israeli television, it’s time we break down why some members of the “Alt-Right” support Zionism. In a recent interview with the Israeli news outlet Channel 2, Richard Spencer, one of the leading figures of the new US far right movement – […]

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Trump ‘Presidential’ Again—for Ramping Up War in Afghanistan

Washington (FAIR) – Donald Trump is finally “presidential” again, pundits insist, now that he is ratcheting up another US war. In a speech on August 21, the far-right US president did an about-face, announcing a surge in the 16th year of the war in Afghanistan, which he had previously harshly condemned. Trump did not reveal many specifics, but […]

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