Day: December 13, 2016

EU Refuses to Pay for Damage They’ve Caused in Syria

(GPA) Brussels – In several European Union (EU) documents released this week, as well as in statements by EU officials it has been revealed that money won’t be coming from Brussels to rebuild Syria unless a western favored deal is struck. The EU has apparently decided against helping to repair the damage they’re in part […]

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The Coming Fracture of Saudi Arabia

(SCF) Riyadh – The Bible’s book of Galatians, VI teaches, «as you sow, so shall you reap». And for Saudi Arabia, which has overtly and covertly supported rebellions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Lebanon that have led to civil wars and inter-religious strife, the day of reckoning may soon be at hand. The […]

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U.S. Halts Saudi Arms Sale But Boasts Massive Sales to Other Gulf Allies

(GPA) Riyadh – The United States has announced they will be canceling– or at least holding off– on an expected arms sale to Saudi Arabia due to the high number of civilian casualties in Yemen. However, military aid in other areas will continue flowing to Riyadh. Other Gulf allies complicit in the Saudi-led coalition will […]

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Despite Liberation, Western Media Still Lies About Situation in Aleppo

Aleppo (GPA)  – The Western media is finally starting to concede that the Syrian army has liberated Aleppo save for a few neighborhoods but still declaring a “slaughter” in the same breath. Western media has been falling in line with reality on the ground in Syria in the past week, finally admitting that Syria’s armed […]

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