Day: December 12, 2016

Just After a Memo to Send Guns to Syria, Obama Now Sending More Special Forces

(GPA) Washington – Following the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian military, president Obama first decided to send weapons to terrorist and now he is sending a new batch of US special forces to aid “rebel” groups. Just after the Syrian army freed the majority of East Aleppo, the Obama administration has made multiple moves […]

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Hands Off Syria Coalition Slams US Policy, Corporate Media Lies

(TeleSUR) New York – Speakers repeatedly called on the U.S. to stop its regime change policy in Syria. At a press conference at the United Nations, the Hands Off Syria Coalition — an international initiative calling on the U.S. government and its Western allies to stop intervening in Syria — discussed their objectives and goals and debunked some […]

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Erdogan’s AK Party Seeks to Empower President, Eliminate PM

(GPA) Ankara – Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has proposed a bill in parliament to further expand the power of his office while possible eliminating the Prime Ministry. The ruling AK Party in Turkey has put a bill in to committee that would further expand the powers of the office of President while […]

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